Thanks to the great Visme team, I got a chance to test the Complete Plan(for free).

The plan includes many templates (I may need more time to try all of them) & features.

So, here is my review and a few tips for you.


Visme : the new kid to watch

Some weeks ago, I wrote an article about presentation tools you can use to showcase your book. But I forgot to talk about Visme.

Visme allows you to create different projects.


It’s really good for Infographics…
If you are working in marketing or spend some time online, Infographics are so much used and very useful to show information to an audience.

There are a huge amount of them, and they can so easily be customised.

info for dummies

Camille Solutions text

I choose a simple one but many of them are colourful with many many examples.


info sample
Not even half of them – any colour – any theme – 


Good points are:

  • huge free pictures library
  • possibility to add text/video/effect in any projects
  • easy and fast to change
  • friendly user design
  • professional look on many designs

If you want to speak about your book in front of an audience and want to catch their eyes, you may want to try Visme.
They are marketing themselves like this:

Engage your audience with powerful visual stories.
Create stunning presentations, infographics and other visual content in minutes.

and this is true.


Let’s talk about pricing

As I stated first, I got to try it for free. (I never get anything for free so I feel so lucky.)

Visme offers different plans. (this is the annually billed pricing).

visme pricing.PNG

When I first get registered at Visme, months ago now. I had the basic plan. As you will notice on the website there is a BETA logo. I think they still improving what they offer for free so it can appear unappealing at first.

But give it a try, get it for free, you don’t have anything to loose. BUT you’ll have fewer possibilities. 

Is it worth the money?

Yes if you are:

  • A professional and need infographics for a book or for your daily life
  • A writer who needs to showcase statistics in front of a huge audience and want to make it fun
  • or love making great presentations and want to add many information in it (music, video etc).
  • Looking for something different

No if:

  • You like the old Powerpoint
  • Don’t want to learn how to use a new tool
  • or want to spend any money


I hope this review will help you made a choice, or help you discover a new tool.

In case you have any questions about Visme, leave a comment or tweet me – you can also read the HELP  part on Visme website.


Will I still use Visme in the future? 
Yes, watch the blog space for cool infographics next time. 


Created with Visme



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