In 2017, having a website is easy,

here is why as an author you should have one.



Your readers want to know you

One of the best reason to create a website is because of your readers. They may want to know who you are. Maybe you have a Twitter account or an Amazon author page. BUT your website is yours and you can do whatever you want with it, share your writing, etc…

On your Twitter profile, you also have the possibility to put a link, this link could go to your Amazon books or even to your Website.

Most authors websites featured an ABOUT page. Some authors like to write about their childhood, their influence in writing, why they write, etc…others may prefer a short introduction and to speak about the present.
This is how you can explain who you are, why you write. Readers like to know more about you, and sometimes they may need to know you to read what you write.



You said domain?

When I speak about a website I mean “domain”. A domain is a spot/name on Internet that you buy (I`m no specialist for this).
So instead of having:
we have

Which is more professional.

To have a .com or .yourcountry domain you need to register it and to buy it for a year (at least).

Let`s talk about prices

There is a lot of offers around the Internet and it`s up to you to choose what suits your needs.
You can use WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and Joomla (but you better know a bit of web creation for the last one so I won’t speak about it ) – and many others but let`s say those are the most popular at the moment.

Usually, they all offer a starting price with your own domain name but less customisation, storage, support…


Regarding pricing, it`s up to you and your budget but it`s a good investment. If you are thinking about selling your books on your website, it may be easier to do it with a website made for small e-commerce/stores like Squarespace or Wix. If you only need a Website to write things about you, your books, then a simple website with a nice WordPress template may be the only thing you need.
Compare all the prices and have a look at the templates.


I have a website now what? 

  • Most common pages to create on your website are:
    – Welcome/Home page -> your name – books genre
    – About -> a few (or a lot) words about you, your life, your writing
    – Books -> books titles – where to buy (with links) – or book store
    – Contact -> an email to contact you
  • You can add
    – Press/Media -> scan of press articles – links to blogs you were featured etc…
    – Blog -> stuff you can write
    – Free books -> people loves free eBooks – it could be a short story for example

Remember: your website should feature icons to connect with you on Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn if you want, beBee.


To give you an idea here is my personal selection of Theme for authors website
(remember you can always customise them).

On WordPress


There is a lot on Wix, but here is one
Author Website


On Squarespace



Last words

  • Choose your domain wisely – you want people to remember it
  • A cute template may not be THE ONE – camillesolutions had to change a few times because the templates were not good for the use of the website. Test all Demos you can.
  • There is no need to know any code but if you do that`s cool
  • There is no limit to creativity on a website







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