Pricing your first or next eBook can be challenging.

Here is my reflection concerning eBook pricing to help you save some time.


We were used to Paperback or Hardback books. Thanks to eBooks, we can now transport 500 pages (or more) books without any efforts and for less money.

On April 2012 Cnet  (cut your sound if you open the link – there is a video running in the background) released an article which title is: Why eBooks cost so much?


 It was 2012… 

I do remember when eBooks cost always as much as the paperback version. And in my mind getting something “I can touch” for a few more euros was better.
The paperback could cost 10euros and the eBook 8euros. And sometimes, it`s still happening. Here is a Reddit conversation on eBooks pricing (from 2016).


Back to 2017 

  • Promotions, promotions…

If you are a self-published author with Amazon, you may be used to Amazon KDP select, which allows you to run promotions on your own eBook. Promotions turning the Market into a “Free eBook place”.

Amazon offers the reader a wide range of promotions to get a new eBook.

2$ for two eBooks, 0.99cts for one, in the Countdown Deals you can find books from 0,99cts to 7-8$ (some of them are Bundles).


Free you said?

Let`s take the Romance genre as an example.
There is (today 01.02.2017) 438,205 Romance eBooks on Amazon – and 5,139,012 eBooks (all genres).

I browsed 300 pages with free eBooks (yes I did). Which is 4800 eBooks, and I`m sure there is more. Some of them were bundles (series of 8 – 10 – 20 eBooks).

And the same is happening for all genres. Even if you are a very good reader, you will need a lot of time to read all those eBooks (for free!).


How to set up a price when there are so many free eBooks?

If you belong to a Publisher he will do it for you, if your Publisher is a small Publisher, your eBook could be too expensive regarding what it is – +$7. Discuss the price if possible.

Readers will happily buy an +$5 eBook if it`s a Best-Seller or a well-known author. Don`t overprice your eBook.


Price analysis

I realised a Chart with the first 100 Best-Sellers eBooks on Amazon to get an idea of their pricing.


Most of them are priced between $1 and  $3, then between $5 and $7. It could give you an idea of the price you should put on your eBook.

Small eBooks could be priced between 1 and 3 dollars, longer novels between 5 and 7 dollars. The +7 $ eBooks got expensive Hardbacks (usually from huge publishers).


Happy writer, happy reader

If you are self-published, you are free to choose your own price. Choose wisely.

  • Last Tips.
    an eBook price should have some logic – For example, don`t sell a $5 eBook with 120 pages.
    the reader won`t be happy
    you`ll loose audience (or so will the publisher)
    less Royalties & less copies sold
  • If the price you set up in the first place isn`t “working” and you have no sales, try to run some promotions, or to lower it.
  • Before releasing your eBook, compare with other authors eBooks and set up a similar price.
  • Some authors are giving away their eBook for free during a few days and pricing it later.
  • Others released series of eBooks and offer the 1st one for free.

There is no MAGIC solution here, you need to try what suits you and your eBook, and change your tactic if isn`t working.


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