Today is a big day!

Camille solutions is opening a new section.


A useful section dedicated to self-publishing, social media, with an orientation on being used by authors & writers.

The section resources has 2 children.

Books&Free stuff

2017 is a new year and this year will see my first book release in English language. The main content is still a secret, but the book will be available only has an ebook and my aim is to help writers…


On the Free stuff part, you`ll find templates to schedule contents and more. Some templates will be available in the book too. Others are only here to help you create, schedule and be organised.

There will be soon a free PDF, fully illustrated on How to self-publish on Amazon. No email registration required.

Feel free to comment if you think you need something to help you with your writing. 

The blog section will be dedicated to reviews. – Reviews on tools, books, etc…

You can follow this website but Camille Solutions is free to use and navigate, no email registration windows will pop-up.

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